gatherings? and great ministry questions

My friend DJ Chuang sent me a random ministry question the other day – and I love random ministry questions. It was a fun chance to think through what I’ve seen (and what I haven’t).

While his question (below) is specifically about post-college young adults, it’s entirely applicable for our field, too. They may be useful to you, as you plan your own Large Group gatherings… but also as you help your ministry, your church, or other churches / ministries in your city. As I’ve written before, this is one area where there’s a lot of “zeal before wisdom.”

Here’s how DJ’s post starts – click here for the whole thing.

More churches are asking how they can reach the next generation (some for its own survival, some for the mandate of reaching more people in their community as part of its on-going mission.) Recently I got this question from a pastor of a church wanting to reach the next generation, and he texted it to me this way: “what are best days/times for worship services for Emerging adults (20s) aka post-college?” I could rephrase it as: what are the best worship times for reaching young adults (to be friendlier to search-engines.)

I checked with Benson Hines, the best expert I know of that’s thoroughly researched  college ministries (chronicled at, and thus the subsequent post-college stage of life after the inevitable graduation of most college students. Here’s his reply, posted with permission…

Click here for my answer.

Like I said, I love questions like these – plus, they give me great things to blog about. Feel free to send one my way!

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