go elective (a fridea)

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Last Friday, I posted on presenting “electives” for our students outside of the normal activities of our ministry. Today, another elective-style Fridea:

Consider presenting options for the main activities of your ministry.

Small Groups:

It seems like college ministries most regularly keep their small groups working through the same “material” across the ministry. But just like in church small group structures, there are a couple of other options here:

  • Encourage small group leaders to choose curriculum (a book of the Bible, a Christian book, a topic, etc.) that they feel their group most needs to be impacted by.
  • Present several small group options for a semester, and let students choose which topic is their most needed growth area right now.

Obviously, there are pros and cons to each approach; the first is better for “community,” but don’t discount the second – putting the onus on students to pick their discipleship track has its definite up-side.

Large Group:

Is it even possible to do a Large Group in elective-style? Sure! If you group is more than a handful and you have a few available teachers, presenting topics for one night or for short series could be a big win for your ministry (and it’s a great way to shake it up a bit). Campus ministries occasionally do this anyway by splitting guys and girls; why not present students with options and make them discern what they need to hear most?

Like every Fridea, this one isn’t for every ministry… and some ministries are likely already doing this, at least with small groups! But for some, this might be a great way to keep discipling your students – elective-style!

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