rooting for the americans (or the british)

I try to remind (or inform) those in Christian circles that college ministers aren’t just youth ministers reaching older kids. In fact – as I was noting to someone the other day – I think church Youth Ministers and church Young Adult (or Singles) Ministers have more in common with each other than either of them does with a College Minister.

That being said, there are still a few things we can learn from Youth Ministry, and taking opportunities for “guerrilla community” is one of those areas.

In this case, I’m thinking about the Olympics. This is a phenomenal opportunity for many ministries to gather students, even if we hadn’t planned on it. Here are a few options:

  • Watch together as a ministry, maybe even at your house
  • Bring students from multiple ministries together
  • Join with secular campus organizations (particularly if you have something to offer, like a projector!)
  • Support viewings that other organizations (or the campus) are holding
  • Invite friends from outside
  • Discuss topics that do come up – politics, homosexuality, wisdom about social media, hard work, and the Christian athletes are all topics highlighted by this year’s Games so far
  • You could even do a little missions focus – watching the Olympics with the Operation World site (or handbook) would provide country-by-country info and prayer guidance…

While we’re at it, other cultural phenomena provide this same opportunity for spontaneous fellowship – and sometimes discipleship, too. Downton Abbey fits this “appointment viewing” theme well (at least for your females). Christianity Today has taken this excellent opportunity of late, using Downton as a chance to talk about spiritual questions it raises. Since I have a wife who watches DA, I know that just this season the topics of interracial relationships, rape, revenge, and abortion have arisen.

Guerrilla community, anyone?

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