spreading the wealth of the rallying cry (a fridea)

I met with some members of our church’s Community Team yesterday; they organize and coach the hundreds of community groups under their care. In the midst of that conversation about a project I’m working on, they threw out a great idea: Why not have an individual member of each group – and not necessarily the Leaders – step up as the “Service Organizer”? This person would look for, select, and “lobby” for service projects for the group members to get involved with together. They could also add an equipping component, reminding the group of the Whys and Hows of biblical service.

This is along the same lines of the kinds of delegation many small groups (including those in college ministry) already do. In many small groups, the Leader isn’t the same person as the Host. And I’ve also heard of groups appointing a sort of “Social Chair,” whose job involves focusing on fellowshippy activities for members to do together.

Is this sort of delegation happening in your ministry’s small groups? Or is the Leader expected to do all the hosting, all the service-opportunity-finding, and all the community-building by himself or herself? Beyond these three areas, what else could be delegated?

A worthy goal for many campus ministries? Have someone in each group assigned to each purpose of the groups. (So if you’d say Bible study, intimate community, and service are your small groups’ purposes, you might aim for a “Chair” in each group for each of these. If other pillars fit into your scheme – Evangelism, Recruitment, etc. – you’d delegate for those.)

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