february is black history month

Have you ever considered connecting the events of your ministry to Black History Month? Four reasons you might consider not overlooking this annual event:

  1. It’s a good way to integrate with your campus (assuming your school has some activities around this issue)
  2. It’s a “teachable moment” to discuss race, teaching students (and learning) how to view it through a biblical grid
  3. The history of Black Christianity in the United States is a rich one
  4. Whatever “racial reconciliation” means and whatever it looks like when done best, Christians should be leading that charge
  5. It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with any ministries (or non-ministries) on your campus that are focused on involving black students

I’m sure there are other good reasons – feel free to add to the list! But we have an opportunity to talk about things that most on our campus – including our own students – probably expect us to ignore.

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