premarital chastity & other things highlighted on prime time

If you weren’t already paying attention, it might be worth your time to follow up on last night’s live, televised wedding on ABC. Sean Lowe found his now-wife Catherine on The Bachelor last year, and they made it to the altar last night.

Even during the show back then, there were pointers to Sean’s faith, and since then they’ve gone through a premarital class (at a church here in Dallas, in fact), and Sean’s dad baptized Catherine a few weeks ago.

I got to watch last night, and ABC spent a lot of time talking about how the couple had saved themselves for the wedding night and were therefore looking forward to it (which of course meant lingerie-talk, etc.). But even ABC’s tee-hee take on it made “saving yourselves for marriage” look awfully attractive. And then the wedding itself, performed by Sean’s dad, was about as straightforwardly Christian as you can get in about 10 minutes. (And if you’ve only got 5 seconds for a wedding message, “Love God the most and you’ll love each other more” works nicely.)

The God- and Jesus-injections on live TV seem to have been the idea, since Sean tweeted, “Jesus may your name be known today” not long before the service.

Like I said, it may be worth your time to follow up through the articles, blogs, and tweets about it. Good fodder for students, or at least you may have some students talking about it.

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