brushing them up (a fridea)

Simple, but potentially really helpful:

For everything your student leaders, adult volunteers, or – honestly – you do within your college ministry, there’s probably a whole bunch of teachable skills attached.

Giving a message. Leading a small group. Leading worship. Greeting newcomers. Discipling someone. Running the sound board. Doing announcements. Any of these (and anything else) has a variety of little skills attached, things people have learned to do to make them happen better and impact more.

So even if you did some training on the front end, what about a little continuing education? Could you spend a few hours on “continuing education” with your small group leaders, sharing principles from one of the many books out there? Letting them share with each other what they’ve discovered? Etc.?

Some of this ongoing training may take place over a lunch; other training may make good use of a “summit” or a retreat. But it’ll all strengthen your ministry – potentially in some really strong ways. And if all of these pieces are getting better and better over time – not simply staying “as good” – the ministry itself will be excellent. There’s probably more impact to be found here – in bettering the pieces – than in doing one new Next Big Thing.

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