eight steps forward

At the beginning of this school year (which seems like a world away, right?), I presented eight ways to take “one step forward” this school year.

How’s it going? Whether you took those tips or not, have you found opportunities this year not only to keep going strong… but to improve your ministry? January’s a great time to revisit that very question. So I wanted to present those opportunities once more for your viewing pleasure. Each post is very short, with some application Qs for you or your leadership team to visit (or revisit). It’s not too late to substantially improve your ministry… by taking one step forward.

one step forward: members of the tribe – better integrating with the campus

one step forward: community – developing community between students

one step forward: strategy – purposely becoming more… purposeful

one step forward: delegation – letting students do more

one step forward: training – one activity that might make the biggest impact

one step forward: collaboration – connecting so you get better

one step forward: knowing niches – exploring potential areas for fantastic impact

one step forward: transitions out – possibly one of our most important jobs


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