the opposite way to delegate

I talk about delegating part of our ministries to students a lot (including a couple of Fridays ago). But I wanted to mention another way to do that – a method we don’t always think about.

Often when we delegate, we notice a project that needs attention and then realize, “Hey – a student could do that!” Our mission trip is coming up, the Large Group Meeting needs a setup team, we have a few open spots on the teaching calendar. So we raise up student leaders to fill those gaps.

But alongside this approach, there’s the opposite way to delegate – by starting with the students, not with the needs. At my church, we send out a yearly survey of our body. Included in that survey is a section that simply asks members to indicate any skills or expertise they’d like to use to serve others. Their choices might include anything from Construction to Teaching Kids to Writing, based on where we’ve seen needs inside our outside our church.

Couldn’t you do something like that? Your question might want to get at interests, too – anything to find out what students are interested in, and where they’d like to use their skills or talents to serve. As you see patterns, or as students indicate they want to help, then you can find places to plug them in. Maybe those interested in (and good at) Writing can spruce up the web page, a student with some Spanish expertise can serve International Students, and those interested in athletics can start a new outreach to the school’s Soccer teams. And so on!

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