ownership additions (a fridea)

I’ll return to my new series next week, but for the Fridea I wanted to offer something related to wisdom a college minister shared with me yesterday.

Over the last few months, he said, their college ministry has shifted towards giving increased ownership to students. Believing that students will celebrate and support the programs they themselves build, he’s putting a lot more ownership in their hands these days.

That leads to a related Fridea for your spring semester / winter quarter: Add additional student ownership to as many activities as you can.

By now, you’ve hopefully gotten to know your student leaders (and potential student leaders) well enough to identify where additional delegation might make sense. So what if you looked at your ministry, “line-by-line,” program-by-program, and thought about students who might lead out in each area?

Depending on the activity and the students available, each of your college ministry programs would present you with a few options here:

  • Let a student or multiple students take over leadership of an activity that staff has been handling. (Example: Students begin planning your monthly social events.)
  • Add student “apprentices” to an activity normally handled by staff. (Example: Let a student or two help plan your weekly teaching, or even enter the teaching rotation.)
  • Add new students to present student leadership teams. (Example: Give the greeting team some “fresh blood” with student leaders who rose up in the past semester.)

The main idea here is to increase student ownership for the spring semester. And who knows? This might just become your norm each year, with spring semester being a time to “hand over the ministry” in a lot of ways, while you and other staff use the extra time to plan for the next school year!

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