checking up on losing touch

Mid-semester is always a good time to do a “check-up” on our college ministries, and there are plenty of things you could examine.

But one you might not think about is how well you’re keeping up with the trends and habits among your students. Not that we always have to be “radically current,” but there’s value in being relevant, and knowing our students well is always something we should be evaluating… because we’re always in danger of slipping here.

So ask yourself a few questions, and then figure out whether your ability to answer matters or not!

  • What are the top songs among your students these days?
  • What TV shows are they watching?
  • What were the biggest issues on campus this semester (what got a lot of “buzz”)?
  • What do your students think the campus’s biggest needs are?
  • Which students are studying overseas next semester?
  • What causes are your students most interested in? Which ones are they actually pursuing?
  • Are there students dating each other in your ministry?
  • What do students think is the best change in your ministry this year?
  • What do students think is the worst change in your ministry this year?
  • What would students most like to see change in your ministry next semester?

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