eleven ways to use the break (a fridea)

It’s possible you’ll have some time to “ponder” over the Winter Break, maybe even a chance to get away with staff or key leaders to plan or tweak the upcoming semester. You’re the expert on what your ministry needs most, but I thought I’d throw out a list to help you brainstorm.

Below you’ll find a list of ways college ministries could often make the biggest leap forward with just a little thought or time:

  1. Small Group Leader training (so over the break, you could read a book or two on Small Group Ministry, for example)
  2. Preparing to impact students while they’re away this summer (you need to start preparing before late April!)
  3. Starting new student ministry teams / delegating new areas of the ministry to students or volunteers
  4. Preparing a really strong evangelism training for students
  5. Planning recruitment for the spring semester (when not nearly enough collegiate ministries recruit!)
  6. Developing strong discipleship to prepare seniors for the “real world” after they graduate
  7. Developing a student survey that will truly reveal “action items” for the near future (a good survey takes lots of thought and prayer and collaboration to develop)
  8. Connecting with high school seniors in your town / state who are likely coming to your school (if you have a way to figure this out)
  9. Forging new relationships with administration / faculty at your school
  10. Bringing in “fresh eyes” to evaluate your ministry and brainstorm for the future (another college minister, or someone like me to “consult”)
  11. Interviewing several college ministers at other campuses to really stretch your understanding of what campus ministry can / does look like

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