when we have technology, do we really need a break?

For the first time in its 14-year history, my church cancelled services this weekend. (If you haven’t heard, Texas isn’t particularly great at dealing with icy weather.)

But we didn’t go completely churchless – we were still able to run a devo from our pastor through our normal online / streaming channels.

So of course that got me thinking… What if that was campus ministers’ response to Winter Break? What if your collegiate ministry Large Group Meeting simply kept going for those 3-5 weeks, via a weekly video?

NO need to do it live, and you could even start during Finals if you wanted to. What if you developed a particularly “intriguing” / relevant series to encourage students to tune in (or did some topics especially important for Winter Break), made it brief, even provided a little worship*? Students could get involved in the video, too – or go the quick-and-focused route if that’s better for your group. You could still do announcements, and you could even do a recap / closing message when everybody gets back in the spring…

I’m getting carried away, but I’m really enjoying this idea.

Finally, the nice thing is you could likely shoot all these videos in a day! They don’t have to be edited (or edited extremely well); in fact, you could film this on an iPhone and let the “authenticity” make up for the “amateurism.”

Who knows? You might even inspire your students to get together with each other, discuss online, or bring others in – even friends from other schools. Why not keep the community and discipleship going over the Break? And if it works now, it could be an option for the summer.

*As for doing worship, you can avoid legal issues by just pointing your students to songs (on YouTube, for instance) that are already out there. But you’ll figure it out.

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