translating Christmas

Unlike senior pastors and other church ministers, campus ministers don’t have the cool opportunity to serve students right around Christmastime. Even church-based college ministers probably don’t see a lot of students during the Winter Break.

So as I wrote at this time last year, now is the time to start thinking about how we’ll “translate” Christmas for our students. We – as the primary shepherds in our students’ lives, whether or not they’re local – get to remind them of the greatness of the Incarnation, the wonder and awesomeness and everything of the Story as it really was. Perhaps in a more “grown-up” way than they’ve ever heard it.

Or we might even take that opportunity once students are home, through the wonders of emails or Facebook or (gasp!) letters.

Our other option is to let the cynicism (or just boredom) over Christmas settle in. They’ve had 18+ years of Christmas. About now is when that might start to happen to the Christian students, right? As they slide into adulthood? Aren’t a whole lot of Christian adults sort of “past” the wonders of Christmas? Shouldn’t we try to stop that slide?

So since you spend all year “translating” Scripture and theology for the student culture, will you do that for Christmas?

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