waiting for a fit

Our desire to have student leaders (and other volunteers, like adults) can sometimes lead us to err on the side of inclusion. How?

Sometimes we just need to fill a leadership spot. Whether we like having a large team of generic student leaders or have specific ministry teams as a part of our collegiate ministry, it’s easy to plug someone in who’s not “perfect” for the position, just because work needs to get done.

While there’s obviously some leeway here, I think in many cases it can be better to let that space / position / team lie “fallow” rather than have it run poorly for a time… or “lay hands too quickly” on an unqualified leader. If the college ministry staff can do the job for awhile (until it can be re-delegated), great. Better to have it done that way than to frustrate a leader with a bad fit OR frustrate everybody with a bad leader.

Sometimes we just know we’ve got a good student leader. Another time we err in “hiring” a leader is when we’ve got a student who really will be a strong leader… but there’s not a fit for him presently. The challenge here is putting this person “on the bus” without giving him an actual “seat.”

There are options here. Sometimes it’s better to trust that God will make a place for that student sometime in the future. Other times, we may need to tailor a position that fits the person. That’s better than to force him or her into a position that’s not a good fit. Sometimes there might be room for the latter (temporarily) to get their feet wet, but too often we like a student and “just try to find something for them to do.”

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