philippines (a fridea)

When a major event makes world headlines – like the “super typhoon” in the Philippines – how does your college ministry respond? As I wrote about Egypt a few years ago…

Knowing about the situation for the sake of student conversations, if nothing else.

Loving these people from afar, and loving any international students on the campus who might be affected.

Praying for and learning about the situation – within your ministry, publicly, or as students personally want to. So at the very least, you might want to construct a prayer guide. Or at the very most, you could establish a way for students to serve directly. (Or anything in between.)

What if we did these sorts of things for current events pretty regularly? What if we had a “disaster response team” – not to go to the disaster (probably), but to respond in these ways quickly and in a way that impacts your students and the whole campus? If you’ve missed this chance for this event, it might be a great time to get ready for the next one.

Not only would this help our students be “world Christians,” but it would shine toward our campus like few other things.

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