who’s your “board” (with or without quotes)?

Every once in awhile, I get to sit in on brainstorming meetings – either for college ministry, like this last weekend, or in other areas. One this week involved several people sorting through a non-profit’s mission and vision statements, as this org seeks to move forward in clarifying its identity. Whether or not they’re actual Board Meetings, groups like this – if they meet semi-regularly – can serve the function of a Board of Advisors.

In any case, these meetings are always messy, right? Even ones that go smoothly are tricky to navigate, can get contentious, and may lead to painful decisions.

But I’d argue they’re extremely valuable.

In our world of collegiate ministry, it can be tough to even find people who truly “get” what we’re doing. But it could be very worth your time to find wise people you can seek regular refining from. If you have to teach them what you’re doing first, that’s great – even that process will force you into clarity you may have never had before.

Some of you have true Boards – but are they functioning in ways that regularly help you refine, prune, develop? And even if your organizational structure doesn’t require a Board, would it be worth seeking out a “board”?


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