asking many questions to many people

After an awesome weekend in Southern California, I’m more convinced than ever that asking lots of people good questions about a college ministry yields great fruit.

The four posts before this one presented some of those good questions – broader ones, for sure, but still questions that are great for getting the ball rolling. As I consulted with a church-based college ministry this weekend, I ended up interviewing 10 people in 8 hour-long meetings – besides spending lots of time chatting with my host, the leader of this particular college ministry.

No interview was “extra.” I always received a different perspective and good ideas that I was able to wrap up into our “debrief” last night. Even though I was an outsider, I seem to have gained a really solid understanding of this ministry – because I asked enough people enough questions (including many of the same questions to different people).

Does it help that I’ve seen or discussed hundreds of different collegiate ministries in the last several years? Sure it does. It makes it easier to imagine possibilities and recognize opportunities when I deal concretely with ONE ministry. But even if you haven’t had that experience, you have the opportunity to hone some excellent questions and start asking them – of students inside your ministry, students outside, fellow staff, volunteers, leaders, college ministers, and any other “observers.”

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