how well will they suffer?

In a week where I’m reflecting on a seminar I gave on Job, I’ve got to hit on the topic of suffering, right?

For most of your students, deep suffering isn’t something they’ve experienced. Most haven’t lost parents or siblings or friends; even a really painful breakup or bad sickness has eluded most of them. Their financial struggled may not exactly look like “suffering,” either.

But this is one of those things – like marriage and living out their vocations – that we need to prepare our students for, even if most won’t fully dive into these things until after college. And yet just like those areas, too, they probably have a “low-grade” point of reference: Hard times they’ve faced in the past (or are facing now) that God will use to prepare them for harder times down the road.

What are you leaving your students with – memory verses; a basic “battle plan for suffering”; an understanding of passages like Hebrews 10, I Peter, or Job; even a realization that they will suffer – that will help them in five years or twenty-five years?

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