blessed, blameless, & big animals

This week, I’ve been sharing some of the Collegiate Ministry gleanings I gained from a teaching experience this past weekend.

One of the ways my co-teacher and I helped elucidate the Book of Job was to define individual terms in the book that could cause confusion. The fact that Job was described as “blameless” is a good topic to address (does that mean “perfect”?). Likewise, it’s important to chat about who Rahab, Behemoth, and Leviathan are – or at least scholars’ best guesses.

And maybe most importantly, we discussed what “Blessed be the name of the Lord” means, since it shows up in one of Job’s most famous lines. Despite the fact that Christians often sing that line, say that line, or otherwise talk about “blessing the Lord,” many Christians don’t really know what that means.

That’s true for your students, too – about plenty of terms. Have you taken the time to define the words they sing, say, and read in the Bible?

For thoughts on what needs defining, see my list of 16 less-familiar-than-we-think terms from awhile back, as well as my post on defining the words that show up in worship songs.

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