providing teaching opportunities

One of the cool things about teaching this past Saturday was that I was encouraged to have a “co-teacher” from the pool of Residents we presently have at our church.

I’m not normally a “team-teaching” person, but I can definitely see the value for both me AND the person being raised up for ministry. And the same opportunity is available to college ministers.

What if you regularly allowed some of your proven, superstar student leaders to complement the weekly messages with a little “segment” of their own? Whether it’s a testimony, a personal application of a specific topic, or an exegetical look at one verse, this gives a student an amazing opportunity. Not only do they (and you) get to see if they have skills in teaching, but you’d have the chance to involve them in the entire preparation process. (As my wife noted, this also adds variety to the teaching time!)

In teaching on the Book of Job, I waited to see the areas that arose as my co-teacher read through the book on his own. So in a sense, he was “preparing” for the entire message, drilling down deep into the topic. And then he taught out of the things that most “grabbed” him, that most impacted or intrigued him… meaning he was also most likely to teach well on those themes. And regardless of the parts he actually taught, he was doing some mega-study on the entire book.

Your students might be impacted – for life – with this kind of opportunity… and you’ve probably got that chance for impact weekly.

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