teaching students to study well

Teaching the Book of Job at my church this past weekend was a blast. And the opportunity to teach in that way reminded me of some things we need to do as College Ministers in our own teaching. So this week, I want to present a few of those thoughts – hopefully they’ll help as you (or others in your ministry) teach.

They shouldn’t leave college without a great Hermeneutics base

I truly believe one of our “checklist” items for college students should be Basic Biblical Interpretation. They’re in an environment that trains them in studying other areas; why wouldn’t we take that already-primed pump into a field that will impact them for life?

Plenty of your students have never had someone share these basics:

  • The importance of looking at context
  • Understanding different Bible “genres” and how that affects interpretation
  • The reliability and accuracy of the Bible
  • How to pick a Bible translation, and the differences between the various translations
  • How to deal with Bible difficulties – from apparent contradictions to places even scholars struggle to understand
  • How to use commentaries and other tools (both online and offline)

There’s more, but even that smattering would provide NEW ideas to most of your students. And you know what? Many of them will lap this stuff up – not only because it’s new, but because they’ve so rarely had access to “academic” instruction about reading the Bible.

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