deeper, narrower, and powerful (a fridea)

I’ve mentioned that I’m teaching on the Book of Job this weekend at my church. The event is a Saturday morning with four “elective” offerings – anyone who signed up could choose to learn about Job, Singleness, Discipleship, Soteriology (the study of Salvation), or using Social Media for Christ.

Sometimes we assume students – who sit in class all week – wouldn’t want to sit through more straight teaching. But I think we might be over-assuming for a few reasons:

  • The fact that they sit through teaching in other venues means, at the very least, it’s habit.
  • This would be a chance for them to pick something they want to learn about and are more interested in – the comparison puts our electives in a positive light.
  • This aren’t just “lectures”; they can include plenty of interactive elements.

What if you held something like this once a quarter? It gives you all sorts of chances:

  • to offer deep teaching on important topics or use narrow topics (like a book of the Bible) to give practice in broader topics (like biblical interpretation)
  • to invite students from outside your ministry
  • to allow some adult volunteers, student leaders, or even “guest speakers” to teach
  • to dive into special topics that you (or students) would love to cover but can’t in other venues
  • to jump-start the interest and teaching foundation in a topic that you know you’ll be hitting in semesters to come

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