what’s your lobster roll?

On my recent vacation to New England, my wife and I “discovered” what’s well-known up there: the lobster roll. As far as I can tell, it’s just a bunch of chunky lobster pieces on a bun, with mayo or butter (or both). They’re prevalent up there at all sorts of seafood restaurants, but I’ve never experienced it before (and couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever seen it on a menu down here.)

But last night, I was Googling for lobster rolls here in DFW.

Connecting this notion to Collegiate Ministry is easy (believe it or not): There are methods, big events, small skills, and other ideas that plenty of people would see as “common” but that your region or organization hasn’t heard of before.

I’ve seen this truth all over the nation; it’s really a big part of the reason I ever took road trips around the U.S. in the first place. Outside of our own areas, our own organizations, our own circles… college ministers don’t tend to be very good at collaboration. Widespread collaboration doesn’t seem to be an institutional policy for most organizations, and it’s hard to prioritize for individuals as we have so much else to do. Eventually, a really awesome idea might get spread far and wide – but it can take quite awhile, and still may never happen.

Most ideas that your ministry could use this year aren’t going to come to you – you’ll have to find them.

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