a more robust greeting team (a fridea)

Since I’ve already been talking about being good hosts on the “front lines” of our ministry, I figured I’d write a quick Fridea to match.

This week’s idea: Create a “Front Lines Team” dedicated not only to welcoming at Large Group Meeting, but to figuring out all the ways to make newcomers and “interested observers” feel welcome.

For some of you, you don’t have any sort of official Greeting Team – maybe now is the time to add it. For others, this may be a good time, mid-semester, to expand the work of those students or add to the team.

Some quick suggestions for this team:

  • Don’t just see it as a “first step” toward service in your ministry. At least some of the team members (including its leaders) need to be some of the sharpest students you have.
  • This team needs to be educated about your ministry, ready to answer a variety of questions.
  • Make sure team members are growing and learning. As with most service opportunities, there are skills involved, biblical truths that are connected to this work, and books or videos that can increase this team’s effectiveness.
  • This team shouldn’t just include extroverts, because it’s not simply a group of “people who greet.” Remember, it’s about outcomes – making people feel welcome, for instance. So you need a variety of personalities to help think through how that happens well, regardless of who actually stands at the doorway or makes announcements on a Tuesday night.

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