they’re all over, and they’re here

My wife and I have been on vacation in New England (which is why the blogging has been a little spotty). But the other day we ran into a dad and son – who happened to be from Dallas too – who were on a college visit.

I asked where else they were visiting, assuming their trip to Northeastern in Boston would be complemented by other New England schools. Nope – the list they spouted off included Tulsa, SMU, Mizzou, and several others. Quite the far-flung list.

It reminded me of just how much of a “diaspora” high school graduates undergo each August. And right now, many high school seniors are working through exactly where they will end up in late 2014.

So how are we, the experts on the spiritual side of campus life, helping that happen well? We have (at least) two groups we can help:

1. Help high school kids and families who visit our campus

2. Help those high schoolers from our own environments (our own church, local youth groups, youth ministries in our denomination)

…and there are at least two ways to help:

1. Connect well with students, helping them realize they’ll have a great place to “land” if they come to your school

2. Emphasize with students and families that spiritual success must be part of their plan – and even part of how they choose a school

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