they’re wired to help us

Are you using your Advertising majors… to help your ministry advertise?

Are students studying some sort of Hospitality (or PR, or even Business) helping organize your Welcoming Team?

Are Music majors serving to make the weekly worship experience better, whether or not they’re the ones leading worship?

If you have a building, are your Architecture majors involved in any way? If you fundraise, do you use trusted Accounting majors or Communications majors in that process?

We have a bunch of students who may never have even connected their major with their faith (as I’ve talked about a lot). But we also have a lot of ministry needs that would allow them to get the first taste of serving directly with those skills and learnings.


  1. That’s a good question… probably not as directly. :) But heading up an apologetics discussion or “great questions” class might make sense. And I’d look at personality, too – the “scientist” types might be really good at helping think through and “tweak” an area of your ministry.

    And ANY students can help other students learn what it means to do their career “to the glory of God.” This wasn’t the main point of this post, but helping students lead other students in living out their calling Christianly is always available.

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