join the game (a fridea)

For a few years in a row, one college ministry around here organized a bus trip to an out-of-town football game. The event grew to include hundreds of students – far more students than were ever coming to the ministry’s weekly meeting or small groups. The campus loved the school-spirit aspect, too, and got behind the event in a big way.

The ministry was able to establish “bus hosts” and others to build relationships with students… and a few-hour bus ride (each way) is a great opportunity for that.

What could your form of this be? Of course, like any event, it needs to actually fulfill the purposes you’ve designed it for. But in this case, it integrates with the campus in a HUGE way, allows you to initiate relationships with students, advertise early in the school year for upcoming events and your weekly calendar, and bond with your present students. And of course, FUN isn’t a bad purpose, either.

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