ask the (local) expert: a fridea

Throughout your town (or in cities nearby), there are people who spend every day working on many of the issues that you deal with regularly as a college minister. When’s the last time you did a little “continuing education” by getting their tips and Best Practices?

Who am I talking about?

Church staff people.

Outreach Directors, Communication Team members, preachers and teachers, whoever plans a church’s “big events.” Even the people who plan the “Sunday morning experience,” or those who plan mission trips. Each of them may have more experience in their particular field than you do. Why not learn a little from their expertise this semester?

Oftentimes we college ministers (inside or outside a local church) feel like we need to be experts in all these areas (service, evangelism, communications, teaching, event planning, etc.). And sometimes, we do need to do a lot of this on our own – or with likewise-untrained student leaders.

But there are resources to get “crash courses” in each of these areas and more. And some of those resources work at your church or at the big church down the road.

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