everyone loves a campus

Each year, I encourage you to make use of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament to remember – and remind others of – why collegiate ministry is so phenomenal.

But I got to see ESPN’s College Game Day in-person last week at A&M. This popular show – a show many people in your town wake up to on Saturday mornings – highlights the fun,  the creativity, the “wildness,” and the cleverness of the students we’re serving. There’s always some drama or some stupid choices making national headlines. There’s also the chance to see the campuses themselves, along with their traditions and their mascots and their revelry.

Whether people realize it or not, a college campus is an awesome place. When they get to see these campus tribes and their students, they see something beautiful and energetic and exciting.

So if I were you, I’d pay attention to College Game Day – and the variety of other ways people are focused on college campuses, like national news stories and your local team’s chase for the championship or conference or first win in a long time… These are all chances to rally others to the cause of college ministry, whether they’re your supporters, your overseers, potential volunteers, or even high schoolers who will join the campus tribes soon.

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