make them learn (a fridea)

I regularly encourage you to be ongoing learners – in fact, I don’t think we can be great college ministers without that characteristic.

But we should be raising up ongoing learners, too. So that’s what this Fridea touches on:

Require your student leaders and volunteers to receive some sort of “ongoing education” each week.

Often we place pressure on ourselves – and we probably should – to train up our student leaders with some important “leadership nuggets” each time we gather. But that training can only go so far, especially if our student leaders are accomplishing different tasks in our ministry.

What if, on top of that, we asked them to find their own path to greater skills? We can point them to all sorts of creative opportunities to learn: TED talks, books on small group leadership, local seminars, online seminars, mentors, and more – including books and other resources that wouldn’t immediately seem to connect. (When you’re learning all the time, you don’t just learn from “the” resource on a topic; you engage all sorts of supplemental ideas from a variety of “counselors.” That’s how we raise up deep, wise leaders.)

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