TED style (a fridea)

I’ve attended a couple of conferences in the past year where one session was devoted to “TED-style” communication – or at least everybody calls it TED-style, because it’s a collection of shorter talks. When I first saw a session like this at CCO‘s Jubilee Conference – with a handful of 8-minute-or-so presentations – I was wowed.

So that’s the Fridea for you: What if you and some other teachers (students, volunteer adults, school faculty, local ministers, local leaders, other college ministers) offered a session like this? It would make a great switch from a normal Large Group Meeting, or it could be the backbone of an excellent one-night conference or weekend retreat.

The key is doing it well – teachers really do have to hone their message into a memorable 5 or 10 minutes, they really do need to be solid communicators, and they really do need to fit the overall theme (if there’s a theme).

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