if you must, schedule it

One of the things I’m learning (slowly) is that I often need to schedule time to get important things done, if they aren’t URGENT. I’m good about doing the urgent things TODAY. Other important things… can wait. And they do.

Last week, for instance, it was buying new tires and getting my oil changed – both things that could go another day… and another day… and one more day. But since I scheduled it for Thursday morning, it finally got done.

In your ministry life, there may be things like that this year. Some might be recurring – reading books on ministry, debriefing yourself on how Large Group Meeting went. Others might just be one-time things – calling that student who’s studying abroad, examining small group curriculum for next semester – that simply won’t get done unless they’re actually on your calendar.

Most of us (I hope) are good about following through on the appointments we set with students, with overseers or supporters, with campus staff, and with family members. Whatever it takes, we’ve got to be good about getting other important things done. Maybe calendaring will help you; maybe it’s another trick. But whatever it takes, these little-but-important moments in our race are worth “disciplining our bodies” for.

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