Continuing with the series, another way you could take one step forward this year:

Today’s challenge: Take one step forward in purposely prepping students for life after graduation. (And connect better with recent grads, too.)

The idea: One of collegiate ministry’s biggest failings is not judging ourselves by how well our graduates are doing in the years after graduation. While we have to spend a lot of time helping students grow for the “now,” and we have to trust God to continue His impact once students are beyond our shepherding, there are many ways to prepare students with their young adult years in mind. If you’re not doing much to disciple nearly-grads about “the real world” and continuing their spiritual success, this is the year to start.

The challenges:

  • Will someone who graduates in December know how to find a church if they move to a new town?
  • Have you taught about finances, being a Christian employee, or dating beyond college with your students?
  • How are the last three years’ worth of graduates doing now? Do you have systems in place to find out?
  • How often do you connect students with adult mentors while they’re in college?