one step forward: knowing niches

Continuing with the series, another way you could take one step forward this year:

Today’s challenge: Take one step forward in looking for “niches” in which your ministry could have an impact.

The idea: Even if your ministry tries to draw students from throughout campus, there can be great value in aiming for particular niches, too. Has God given your college ministry favor with the fraternities? Do a significant percentage of students come from one dorm? Is one major particularly well represented? Are you “the” ministry among the athletes, grad students, gamers, freshmen, international students…? Or could you be?

The challenges:

  • Have you taken advantage of opportunities to go “a mile deep” by focusing “an inch wide” in some areas of your campus?
  • Do you “know the condition of your flocks” by recognizing niches of campus God has already drawn students from?
  • Are any of your student leaders particularly drawn to certain “people groups” on campus?
  • For most of their lives, your students will serve specific populations (their neighborhood, their workplace, a specific part of town, a particular cause). Are you preparing them for that kind of ministry?

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