one step forward: training

Continuing with the series, another way you could take one step forward this year:

Today’s challenge: Spend more time this year training those who you lean on for a successful and impactful college ministry – your student leaders.

The idea: It’s one thing to delegate to student leaders, and we all know student leadership is the bread-and-butter of campus ministry. But oftentimes once a student rises to the challenge of leadership, we don’t invest much additional time and energy in training them to be the best leaders they can be. Student leadership involves a set of skills that can be developed. Whether our student leaders are heading up ministry teams, leading small groups, helping plan events, or running those events, developing their abilities is possibly the most efficient way to improve our ministry this year.

The challenges:

  • Are your small group leaders some of the best small group leaders on campus? How do you know?
  • How much training do your student leaders presently have?
  • What’s the list of specific skills you’re training into your various student leaders?
  • Will your students be better leaders when they leave college because they’ve been trained, or only because they’ve got some experience?
  • What is a weekly or monthly investment you can make in training / mentoring your present student leaders?

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