one step forward: delegation

Continuing with the series, another way you could take one step forward this year:

Today’s challenge: Take a step forward in delegating the functions of your campus ministry to student leaders and other student volunteers.

The idea: Ephesians 4 hints that our job – even if we’re not in a church – is probably to “equip the saints for the work of ministry,” at least more than it is to “do most of the college ministry ourselves.” Not only is delegation a chance for discipleship, but it also – when we’re delegating to well-trained students – it gets more done, gets it done differently than we would (which is a great thing), and gets it done better.

The challenges:

  • How many students are involved in putting together your weekly Large Group Meeting? The other activities?
  • How many students have been involved in helping plan the upcoming semester?
  • Think about your “normal week.” Is there anything you or other staff members are doing that students could be / should be doing?
  • On the flip side, have you been wise about WHO you’re delegating to?


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