one step forward: strategy

Continuing with the series, another way you could take one step forward this year:

Today’s challenge: Take one step forward this year in making your activities and planning strategic.

The idea: Especially for college ministries that have been seeing success for awhile, it’s easy for “rhythm” and tradition to replace strategy. But our best impact will come as a result of aiming strategically for specific purposes – both for each year or a semester, but for each activity, each choice (like small group material), and each opportunity to teach. Even adding a little more strategy to your campus ministry – and training your student leaders to do the same – could have big dividends this year.

The challenges:

  • Do you (and any leaders involved) have a clear list of purposes for each activity you undertake? (A great question to ask: “What do we want students knowing, feeling, and doing when they leave?”)
  • Do you evaluate each activity on how well it accomplished the particular purposes you decided beforehand?
  • Have you thought about long-term purposes (over one to three years) for your students, and then planned backwards to get there?
  • Have you planned specifics (small group material, teaching series, smaller activities) too far in advance to plan strategically for what your students need most? (Consider planning those things only one semester at a time!)
  • Could you make “Strategy” one of your training points this year for your student leaders / adult volunteers?

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