one step forward: members of the tribe

As many of us face the start of the school year within the next two weeks, I wanted to shift to a series that should be quick to read but good for some start-of-the-year thinking.

Called “One Step Forward,” I’ll be briefly discussing areas where you could take your campus ministry one step forward this year. And the format should be especially helpful for generating discussions with student leaders or volunteers, now or throughout the year.

The first challenge: Take one step forward in integrating your ministry with the campus.

The idea: Our college ministries are part of a larger campus community; as much as possible, we should be winsome and influential as part of the “campus tribe.” And we and our students should deeply love the mission field God ha provided.

The challenges:

  • If your ministry didn’t start this school year, who besides your own students would care? Why?
  • Have you taught your students to love their campus like a missionary loves their mission field?
  • How ready are you for all the changes your campus has planned for the new school year? (Do you know what they are?)


  1. tomneyhart

    Thanks for the blog post, these are very relevant questions to my campus ministry. Working with Impact Campus Ministries, we are a young ministry plant in South Bend, IN working with students on six campuses. In many respects we are still in the formation stage with their faith and these questions should stir some good discussion!

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