audit the old

I know the school year is right around the corner, but here’s an exhortation I’d still encourage you to consider. (Maybe it’s something you could put student leaders or other volunteers on.)

What resources in your ministry haven’t been “audited” in a long time?

I was recently looking at some training materials used by an organization. As I became familiar with the materials and with the situation, it grew clear that while the materials were still solid, they had grown a little “out of date.” Several of the concepts and ideas discussed needed refreshing or replacement. At best, these areas were wasting space and wasting trainees’ time. But I also know that some of these modules caused frustration for trainees.

So what resources in your ministry haven’t even been looked at for over a year?

  • The Student Leader application?
  • Your organization’s forms on file with the campus?
  • All or most of the web page?
  • Your Twitter bio?
  • Handouts?
  • Training materials?
  • Advertising materials?
  • Your listing on the school’s “Student Organizations” section?
  • Bible study or small groups materials you’ve written?

What else? What needs to be reviewed because you’re not absolutely positive it’s up-to-date?

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