This week I’ve been examining the value of partnerships, after seeing fruit from a long-term partnership firsthand in Ethiopia. Yesterday I reposted some thoughts on a unique partnership situation – a “sister campus.” Today, the follow-up thoughts from that original post.

fruit and fun from a sister campus

  • Missions. Lots of college ministries and other Christians have learned that long-term missions relationships can provide a lot of fruit. This is one of those opportunities! You’d be surprised at the benefits to your students in purposely loving any mission field (including a college campus) over a length of time. And how better to help students see their own campus as a mission field than serving another campus across several years?
  • Service. Whether a campus is near or far away, having a sister campus provides awesome opportunities to serve in real and lasting ways – outside the norm of ministering only in students’ personal little world.
  • Post-graduation involvement. I get ministry updates from a girl who graduated from TCU (and a church-based college ministry there) and went to serve college students (at a collegiate church) in Washington. After her experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if her “home” ministry sent others to join her through the years. Where will your graduates – especially those looking to impact college students long-term – serve after graduation? While serving in your ministry might be a great idea, so is the opportunity to stretch in other contexts, and a sister campus provides that cool opportunity.
  • Community across geography. Of course, if you form relationships with another ministry, those bonds – over time – may go deep indeed. How fun would it be to occasionally spend time with students from another college ministry? (And then… who knows? You’ll probably get to preside at all kinds of inter-campus marriages in a few years!)
  • Community-building inside your ministry. Having a sister campus can give your ministry something fun to rally around. For example, who better to cheer for when the NCAA Tourney comes along (if your school isn’t in)? Just imagine – every student you’ve got rooting for the same school. (And this is all the more awesome if yours is a multi-school ministry. Unity around a sister campus!)

How great would it be if your ministry at the University of Georgia (for example) connected with a ministry at the University of Wyoming (for example) for the next 10 years… trading mission trips, interns (after students graduate), students, teaching materials, lives, and love. I know it’s crazy, but you never know the value of even a crazy partnership!