expectations we foster

Yesterday I had the chance to sit in on a smidgen of the Echo Conference, which my church happened to be hosting. it’s an annual gathering of “church creatives” – worship service planners, tech people, worship leaders, etc.

In the main session I got to attend, I heard a very quick talk by Carlos Whitaker; he spoke on raising expectations for what people will encounter in church’s services – too often, he said, people go to church expecting the same ol’ order of the same ol’ things. Why not raise expectations for each Sunday morning?

We can ask the same question about our own gatherings – and not just our large group meetings, although that’s a start. Are students coming with high expectations? Not simply hoping for a “great show” and leaving satisfied… but hoping for something that is BOTH engaging and impactful?

Do we recognize that being engaging actually helps our ministries be more impactful? Do we recognize that helping students come with high expectations can help them get much more out of those events?

Next week, I’ll be looking at five different aspects of this engagement / expectations-raising idea. But for today, the question for all of us is,

Do your students arrive at large group, small groups, and other events expecting to be engaged and impacted? Would you come with those expectations if you were a student in your ministry?

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