Christmas in July

What will you get your kids for Christmas? Or your spouse? What will you want this Christmas?

I’m guessing you probably don’t know, even though that’s only five months from today. It’s likely the presents some will want aren’t even available yet, or aren’t in fashion. While I might occasionally hit on a really perfect idea for my wife’s far-off birthday or Christmas, most of the time I’ll need to do my thinking and my shopping a little closer to the date.

And the same is true for our students.

A corollary to my last post – which talked about how much students are experiencing this summer – is the thought that it’s very, very difficult to successfully plan a college ministry a year in advance. It’s highly unlikely that the “gifts” we plan before August – our message series, our events, and most other things – will be quite as applicable in the semesteafter Christmas.

Of course, some things – the occasional master-planned “gift” – need to be planned well in advance. But for the most part, we don’t know enough about the next six months of our mission field (the campus) or our audience (the students) to plan in detail that far ahead.

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