on not being 3 months behind

One thing that’s interesting – but easily overlooked – about summertime is that our students are facing a full three months of change (which in collegiate time can be significant indeed). They’re growing, learning, praying, changing majors, gaining ground spiritually, losing ground spiritually, making life-altering choices (for good or bad), transferring to a different college, starting to date someone, breaking up, making major life decisions, and receiving new calls from the Lord.

All in the span of 3 months. Many of your students are experiencing changes like these. Many of your student leaders are experiencing changes like these.

So we’ve got some tricky maneuvering to make sure that the campus ministry we’re planning for August 2013 doesn’t only reflect the realities of May 2013. Otherwise, we’re just behind – behind what’s going on with our students, and behind what the Lord is doing with them.

If our students – who are, for most ministries, both the mission field and the driving force – have faced significant change in the fourth of a year they will experience this summer, we have to be either listening for those changes or very ready to adjust.

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