students that can be directed

Depending on your theological persuasion, there’s a variety of things you may teach y0ur students about submission.

But while orthodox Christians differ on what that is meant to mean within marriage, what’s very clear is that we’re all called to be able to submit at various times- whether to authority figures, or in that “mutual submission” way the Bible commands.

One way to apply this directly to our work is to ask, Are we raising up students who can be directed?

I imagine there are numerous otherwise-excellent Christian leaders out there who ultimately struggle to submit – to submit to the rules of their workplace, to submit to their friends or spouses when that’s called for, to submit to government authorities, etc.. Right now, you may have a student leader or two who share this same weakness, and (left unchecked) will become that kind of adult.

But the Bible doesn’t seem to act like that unsubmissive, “mavericky,” arrogant tendency is as “cute” as we sometimes do. And in fact, it can be really detrimental within relationships… or debilitating, depending on the circumstances. At the least, like any sin, it will limit their effectiveness for Christ.

Like so many other things, college is a time when students who need to learn submission need to learn it. If we fail to teach them, there may not be as easy an opportunity for it in the future.

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