impacting the ministerially called

Last week, I had the chance to duck in on the annual Collegiate Ministers Fellowship, a gathering of (mostly) Southern Baptist college ministers that happened to be in Denton, Texas, this year. I only got to sit in on a few hours of the three-day event, but it was well worth my time – just as any well-run gathering of campus ministers tends to be.

Another topic that came up at the Collegiate Ministers Fellowship is one I’m not sure I’ve ever discussed here: How well are we helping future Christian ministers find the discipleship they need?

The one time I might have mentioned this topic is a few years ago, when I was invited to speak for the Coalition for Christian Outreach. These heroes of championing the discipleship of students in their vocations – whether in the Arts or in Engineering – had come to feel they hadn’t properly discussed the calling to Christian ministry. So that year, I and some others got to speak about those sorts of callings.

And while I think most of the rest of us aren’t thinking enough about helping students become thoroughly Christian accountants, teachers, etc., I don’t know how much time the average college minister spends encouraging the calling of future children’s ministers or senior pastors, either.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss some opportunities we have to impact these men and women. But in the meantime, what’s your plan for impacting those students who already know they’re headed to seminary, plan to be in an explicitly “Christian” field after graduation, or are already serving in a vocational ministry capacity?

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