on your gut, and whether you go with it

Last week, I had the chance to duck in on the annual Collegiate Ministers Fellowship, a gathering of (mostly) Southern Baptist college ministers that happened to be in Denton, Texas, this year. I only got to sit in on a few hours of the three-day event, but it was well worth my time – just as any well-run gathering of campus ministers tends to be.

One college minister expressed how he had been stretched to include activities that weren’t exactly his favorites. His exact quote was, “I don’t want to waste my life on pie jousting,” expressing his natural feelings toward the subject… but then he shared that he came to realize how big, fun events can help introduce students to the ministry.

(I had to look up “pie jousting” – here’s one site that shares the awesomeness.)

For some of us, it’s surprising to think about not doing these supposed “time wasting” events that often draw students. But I’ve been around other college ministers who question the value of those things, preferring not to make the Big Event a major part of their strategy.

Today’s question is NOT, What do you think about “big, fun events” as a tool for drawing college students? The question today is, “Have you spent time really thinking about this issue?”

Part of being a great collegiate minister is not simply “going with your gut” on any issue. On this one, it shouldn’t matter too much whether my gut tends to be oriented toward or away from the summer-camp-style of college ministry. Our personalities will of course bleed into the way we do ministry. But they shouldn’t guide us more than prayer, thought, counsel, and wisdom do.

“Where do you stand?” is an important question about any methodologies we’ve subscribed to. But equally important is, “How did you get there?”

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