a summer team, up and running

I wrote this post about this time last year. Now’s a good chance to read it again – and imagine what might have happened if you did it! You have the chance again…

Wouldn’t it be nice if – right now – you had a team of students charged with

  • staying in touch with the other students in your ministry, wherever they might be this summer
  • working on ANY special projects for the fall semester
  • putting together materials, care packages, etc., for use in the fall
  • or otherwise doing the things that you and your staff would (or should) do?

While it may be too late for this summer (although it may not be!), you can still look around and consider what a Student Summer Team might be accomplishing for you at this very moment. And then set yourself a reminder to put this together next April.

This isn’t primarily about drawing from students who happen to be local over the summer. This is probably a remote team (at least partly), but they can still work together. (There’s an internet, you know!)

And especially if this team is composed of several who don’t have big summer plans but also don’t need a lot of over-the-shoulder supervision, these students could dramatically advance your ministry each summer.

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