new thoughts on service: the champion (singular)

Before the pause induced by the Independence Day break, I started a series of posts on Service and Outreach within College Ministry, inspired by my own involvement in my church’s local missions team. See all the posts here.

I talked last week about enlisting “champions” for each of your service outlets, whether those are causes, organizations, or both. But there’s a different type of champion I wanted to mention today.

That champion is you.

(If you’re the director of your particular college ministry, that is.)

Within my church, the public push to be involved in service opportunities is unmistakable. In fact, just yesterday one of those efforts was highlighted in the bulletin; thousands of attenders saw a cover story on a major outreach activity coming up. Not only that, but we also viewed a recap video of this year’s “Hunger Month,” a churchwide service effort we just finished.

What’s more, it’s not uncommon – not at all – to hear our senior pastor talk about external service. Whether that’s common in other megachurches or not, I don’t know; what I have realized is that our church body’s involvement is definitely correlated with the top leader in our church championing that mentality.

So that’s the question for college ministers, too: Are you actively championing your ministry’s chosen causes and efforts? And have you taught service biblically, rather than just urging it energetically?

For missions to become a pillar of your ministry, for your ministry to have a major impact, and for students to be servants for a lifetime… it’s going to need to be championed from the stage.

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  1. this is tough because I’m not a boastful person. However, I’ve learned to champion the students and what God is doing through them which is more effective than me sharing anyway.

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