the phones they bring

The last couple of days, I’ve encouraged you to take some time this summer to further “digitize” various aspects of your ministry, to match the fact that nearly all your students carry a little computer around in their pocket at all times.

While some of us were ahead of the curve on this… plenty of us weren’t, and we’d still do well to catch up.

So here’s session 3 – ideas for using phones within ministry events:

Encourage tweeting: At the regular weekly meeting and in small groups, your students could easily throw out a quote or two – and they will, if it’s encouraged. (And that will increase their engagement, just like taking notes does.) At bigger events, pushing a hashtag will help your students advertise and catch up with others at the event.

Polling, texting, and other live interaction: How often do students connect with your weekly meetings within the meeting? Whether it’s answering a “pop quiz” question through live polling, texting their (anonymous) questions mid-message, encouraging quick online searching to answer a question posed from the stage, or giving them some chance to apply the message right now online, cell phones are a BIG opportunity. And how could you apply these sorts of things to other activities?

Training as a study tool: Hopefully you’ve encouraged using web tools for Bible study, but these days we have the chance to apply that in-person! In both large groups and small groups, using Bible study tools together trains students to use them for a lifetime.

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